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Accomplish Academy is an external education provider offering specialist subjects for schools. Primary Education is at the heart of our work. We cover: Music, Drama, Dance, Languages, and Sport. We also provide Supply Teachers into Primary Schools and we offer Private Tuition for English and Maths up to GCSE.

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Accomplish Academy was set up in 2013 by Anne Duckworth, a trained teacher specialising in Music and interested in many other things. The idea came from her love of playing and teaching music whilst also enjoying and appreciating Drama and Languages. Through working as a supply teacher in several schools in Yorkshire, London and Melbourne, she gained a wide knowledge of different types of curriculum and schooling.

Accomplish Academy’s teachers have been personally selected by Anne. All are DBS checked, fully trained in their subject areas and devoted to improving their practice in their own time, the essential mark of an outstanding teacher. The subjects that we offer can often need a more specialist approach, something which we pride ourselves in. In September 2015 we were delighted to expand our provision to offer Supply Teaching and Private Tuition.

“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn”

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We offer a range of services
All sessions can be taught before, during or after school

Private Tuition

All our tutors are patient and caring. We adapt sessions to suit your needs. Whether you are a beginner or someone wanting to improve in your subject area, we will ensure you feel comfortable and happy with our style and speed of teaching. Whether you are working towards a goal or looking to simply improve your skill set, we can provide a service that works for you.



Children will learn how to express themselves through rhythm and song. We enable them to do this by training them in vocal and instrumental skills. Our professional practitioners, qualified in teaching, will work with them in practical sessions, introducing them through music to a world of imagination and creativity.


All sessions can be taught before, during or after school
All sessions can be taught before, during or after school


Children will learn the basic techniques in a chosen area, taught by one of our teachers in an engaging and patient way. Children will be stretched to reach the best of their abilities, whilst learning to support their peers. Dancing not only improves stamina and other aspects of physical health, but also emotional health, helping to improve confidence with working and performing in front of others.



Children will learn how to understand other cultures and to communicate in different languages. With Accomplish Academy, languages are taught in a fun, exciting and practical way. With games and interactive activities, children will go away excited and eager to learn more.


All sessions can be taught before, during or after school
All sessions can be taught before, during or after school


Children will learn how to express themselves by working with others to tell stories through plays. Our sessions are filled with games and physical warm-ups to stimulate the imagination, build confidence and improve literacy. It is our mission to ensure all children feel welcome, happy and inspired in a comfortable and safe environment in order to discover new opportunities on offer and to showcase their best skills on stage. 



Children will enjoy a fun packed session of Sport. Our drills, games and competitions will support their skills in various sporting areas. With 1-1 and group coaching sessions, children will feel a huge sense of achievement, as well as an improvement in general fitness. We also encourage healthy eating, so that children understand how they can best support their body during and in between sport sessions. 


All sessions can be taught before, during or after school


My son has been attending Accomplish Academy Cricket Camps for a number of years now. He always comes back enthusiastic about the days, which are well structured to improve skills, with an emphasis on fun. The activities are always age appropriate and my son looks forward to the camps each year.

S. Byrne, Calverley CC parent

I worked for Accomplish Academy for 2 years and taught music from reception up to year 6. It was without a doubt some of the most rewarding music I have ever done. I felt supported and appreciated for my hard work.

T.Horne, Accomplish Academy Teacher




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